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  • 4 in 1 Liqua-Mount Combo

    4 in 1 Liqua-Mount Combo


    This multi-purpose product is formulated to meet all these needs as a liquid preserving agent. As an instant mounting fluid to preserve bird wings.   For Antlers in Velvet.   For those who wish to inject the ears on small animals to eliminate earliners,  Avoid and prevent hair slippage now!

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    Sodium Carbonate


    Use 1 Cup to each gallon of boiling water to loosen meat & flesh on skulls , Bones, Etc. Eases fleshing.

  • Liquid Relaxo


    Liquid Relaxo is formulated to prevent slippage in good skins by stopping microbial damage before it occurs.  Use to re hydrate a hide safely.  An extra layer of insurance against hair slippage.

  • PlastoLite


    Plastolite is

  • Box with small Preservative pile



    Fast Setting – This mache can be used for many purposes in your taxidermy shop.  Mix water with what you need for each job.  After a few minutes, it will set or become hard.

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  • Taxi-Friend (formally Earbase)


    Taxi-Friend (Formerly Earbase) Many have used and remembered Earbase, the great taxidermy helper, and were disturbed when they did not find it in recent catalogs. They were delighted to find that Taxi-Friend is the old Earbase made stronger and better. It has more fiber and greater adhesive properties to make it stronger and tougher. Good…