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  1. Just wanted to send a big thank You….I ordered my product yesterday afternoon and received noon today…I have never got a shipment that fast…plus you reduced the have my bussiness from now on ….thank you so much..God bless have a wonderful day…Tim Wilson

  2. Do you have to ship FedEx

  3. Hi sirs

    I want to know if you ship a 10 lbs Bess Maid preservative box to Colombia, South America?


    1. well, I’ve not shipped there before but as far as I know, I can.

  4. I saw someone else asked about FedEx shipping. I have found USPS Priority is by far cheaper than FedEx and UPS. Also, I didn’t see some of my orders from this year listed, for my discount.

    We are out of DP and need this ASAP.

    Thanks again and God Bless!

    1. I’ve checked usps flat in the past and it was more expensive than fedex flat but I’ll check again

  5. Just wondering if you have a catalog I would be able to get my hands on.

    1. Yes, I just need an address to send it to you can reach me at 800-256-4800 or email request w/address to: [email protected]

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