Bess Maid Preservative

You can trust the progressive Bess Maid products provided by Touchstones. We carry many different chemicals, but our flagship product is Bess Maid Preservative. Bess Maid is not just another borax-only preservative. Bess Maid preservative is a proven formula, custom blended to give you a well-rounded preservative. Often imitated, never duplicated.

Are you tired of the high cost for tanning and shipping your valuable hides, then enduring long wait times just to get them back cut up, and have to repair cuts and holes made by a processor.   Leave all this behind, and try Bess Maid Preservative today.   You’ll be glad you did!

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To prepare the skin of your trophy for mounting and to permanently preserve it, you just need to simply apply Bess Maid in its dry form to the flesh side of the raw, shaven hide and you are ready to go. Mount your trophy now (or freeze it a plastic bag until you can put the mount together) and Bess Maid will ensure your trophy continues to look amazing. You’ll no longer need to salt, soak, or use any acid on your trophy thanks to this fantastic product.

        After about a couple weeks of drying your trophy under normal room temperature, your mount should be dry and ready for the finishing touches. Bess Maid makes it easier to finish your mount so you can quickly get the mount back to your customer. The quicker you get the trophy mounts back to your customers, the sooner you’ll have money in your pockets.

Bess Maid preservative helps to simplify the entire taxidermy process.

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